RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions From iBusiness

RFID Solutions

Keep track of your valuable assets

If your business relies on a complex supply chain to keep your operations moving and keep the revenue pouring in, then it’s important that you keep a close eye on the whereabouts and movements of the precious assets that are the foundation of your organization. With so much going on, it is easy to lose focus on what’s where, and whether it’s where it ought to be.

RFID Solutions from iBusiness

Never take your eye off the ball again - with RFID solutions from iBusiness International Solutions, you always know where everything is.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions from iBusiness International Solutions allow you to keep track of your entire asset inventory, by assigning RFID tags to each item. When an item passes through your RFID readers, your inventory database is automatically updated with the item’s new location. Consequently, you can check your inventory database at any time and have confidence in knowing the precise location of your valuable stock and equipment.

iBusiness International Solutions’s RFID Solutions are:

  • Reliable - eliminate human error in forgetting to check items out of your warehouse
  • Secure - RFID helps secure your inventory and prevent theft of your assets
  • Efficient - cut costs by ensuring your operational processes run at their best

Whether you want to track the TV remote when you lose it down the back of the sofa, or valuable equipment that your business relies on, you can count on RFID Solutions from iBusiness International Solutions to keep you and your organization moving efficiently.

Never lose a thing again.